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Usia 59 tahun
Pengalaman pekerjaan 35 tahun
Komisi 1%
Keuntungan 78.20%
Investasi 2.71$

Informasi singkat tentang Anda USAF Veteran (E5) of 6 yrs. I've been trading for the past 35 years and made mistakes and learned from them. My goal is to help people that are willing to be helped achieve financial success or even Thrive depending on their level of commitment and patience. I've always felt that if you aren't doing at least 100% a month then you are doing something wrong. Esp. with a broker that offers terms as generous as this one.

Secara kesuluruhan tentang strategi I trade the Daily charts sometimes I start a reversal to early or late but the averages are pretty impressive, I trade small percentages for low risk and high gain. I try to stay in floating profit. And my biggest weakness is that I've pretty much gotten a handle on is that I used to take advantage of every opportunity now I realize I have to wait for the significant opportunities. The EA I was using turned out to be a Martingale with wider position spacing than most but still bound to crash when hit by a super trend. So that's gone. I have switched to a super safe system that will take longer but has pretty much no risk.

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